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Appointment letters (My Letters)

From 1st March 2018 you have been able to receive most of your outpatient appointment letters by email rather than by post by using the My Letters’ service.

In order to receive your letters by email, you will need to make sure you have given us your mobile number.

A step-by-step video which shows you how to sign up is available here.

Check we have your mobile number

Just ask our reception staff when booking in for your appointment at Corbett, Guest, Russells Hall Hospital, Brierley Hill or Stourbridge Health and Social Care Centre. Alternatively, you can contact our Outpatient Booking Team on 01384 365100

How do I subscribe?

You can subscribe by clicking on the link and follow the steps to subscribe. You will also need to know your NHS number which you can find on any of our appointment letters or your GP practice will be able to tell you. You will need your mobile phone number, an email address and your date of birth. Make sure you keep your mobile phone to hand as we will send a text message to you as part of the sign up process.

How does the My Letters service work?

After subscribing to the ‘My Letters’ service you will start receiving your appointment letters by email. Your appointment letter will be attached to the email and can be opened like any other attachment. Your appointment letter will be password protected. Details of your password will be provided in each email you receive.

I haven’t received a verification email. What do I need to do?

Check to make sure the email hasn’t gone into a Junk or Spam folder in your email system. Also, check you have provided the correct email address. If you’re not sure, you can try subscribing again.

I haven’t received a verification text message. What do I do?

You should receive the verification text message within 5 minutes of subscribing. If you don’t, call the Outpatient Booking Team on 01384 365100 to check the mobile phone number we have for you. You can then re-try the sign up process.

Can I also receive letters for my children?

Yes. You can subscribe on behalf of your children however, on your child’s 16th birthday you will receive an automated unsubscribe email. This is to ensure that we maintain patient confidentiality.

Is this service available for all letters?

Most of our letters will be available by email; however, there may be some letters that are that are not yet included in this service. These letters will automatically come out to you by post.

Can I reply to the emails to confirm, change or cancel an appointment?

Not at the moment so please make sure you don’t reply to our emails. If you want to change or cancel your appointment, please contact us using the details included in the appointment letters you receive.

What happens if there is a problem with my email account?

If there is a technical problem that didn’t allow the email to reach your email account, the letter will automatically be sent out by post instead.

Sometimes my emails go to my spam folder

We advise you to check your spam regularly, just in case this happens.

What do I need to do if I change my email address?

You can update your email address by clicking on the ‘Update My Details’ tab in My Letters. You will need your NHS number and date of birth to update your email address.

What if I change my mind and want to revert to traditional post?

You simply go back to the My Letters site and follow the ‘My Letters’ unsubscribe process.

Other people have access to my emails should I sign up to this service?

Emails to our patients will identify in the subject title that the email is from ‘The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust’.  The attachment will be password protected and the password will be sent to you by email when you sign up to the ‘My Letters’ service.

I am having trouble opening the attachment

The attached appointment letter is a PDF file. Sometimes you will need to have specific software installed on your PC or device to allow you to open and view PDF files (e.g. Adobe Acrobat). If you are unsure how to do this, you may find help by going to Google and searching for ‘Open PDF attachment’. A number of helpful articles are available which explain what to do depending on what PC/device you are using.