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Surgical Preassessment

Before your surgery, you will have an appointment with one of our preassessment nurses. Whenever possible, this will be immediately after your surgical outpatient appointment when the decision for surgery is made. We have a Preassessment service both at Russells Hall Hospital and Corbett Hospital.

Preassessment ensures each patient requiring an operation is individually assessed in order to make sure they are fit for an anaesthetic and surgery. This will involve you completing a health questionnaire and a consultation with a Preassessment nurse. Sometime you may also need to see an anaesthetist. There will also be basic tests including blood pressure, temperature, height and weight. After this, patients may require additional tests e.g. blood tests, or heart tracing (electrocardiogram). In some instances, you may be asked to have further investigations, or there may be a need to come back for a further appointment. Making sure your surgery is safe and successful is our priority. Whenever possible, we will try and keep journeys to the hospital to a minimum.

Preassessment is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have. The preassessment staff will provide information on eating and drinking before surgery, and give you instructions regarding any medications you may take.

For further information, contact Surgical Preassessment on 0.384 456111  ext 1849.