Care plus

‘Care Plus at The Dudley Group’ offers you private specialist-delivered care at affordable prices.

We offer outpatient appointments in the evenings and on Saturday mornings at Russells Hall Hospital.

If you are seeking private treatment, Care Plus offers you the option of choosing The Dudley Group.

We are still considering the range of services to offer you as a private patient but they will include:

  • hydrotherapy
  • cardiology
  • ophthalmology out-patient appointment, investigations and Laser surgery
  • sports therapy.

The private service will operate out-of-hours and will not impact on NHS patient waiting lists. Income generated from Care Plus will be paid back into the NHS to develop our services and buy new and improved equipment for the benefit of all patients.

We are looking at the options around developing additional and separate facilities for private patients, which would not detract from the care we give our NHS patients.