Private rooms

We offer a number of private rooms for patients who receive NHS care but wish to pay for the privacy of a single, en suite room.

Private rooms differ from private treatment in that no fee is paid for your treatment and care. All aspects of the clinical service provided are the same as those for NHS patients.

Booking a private room

The rooms are situated on wards B1 for orthopaedic patients and B4 for surgical patients and must be booked in advance at your pre-assessment appointment. We offer the rooms subject to availability: If someone clinically needs to be treated in a single room and there are none available for your stay, you will not be charged or you will be refunded if you have already paid.

Cost and payment

We charge £80 per night for a private room. You can book a room at your pre-assessment visit and payment details (either by credit or debit card) will be taken at our General Office located behind main reception.

Payments will only be taken from your card once we have confirmed the length of your stay in hospital. You will receive an invoice and receipt for your records.

If you have any queries on payment, please call the General Office on (01384) 456111 extension 2881 or email


Each private room has its shower room and television and some have an iPod docking station and a DVD player. A choice of films is available from our DVD library.

We offer a choice of tea, coffee and biscuits as well as bottled spring water.

In addition you will receive a hospitality toiletry pack with a range of items you may have forgotten to bring with you including:

  • soap
  • sachet of shampoo
  • sachet of shaving cream and razor
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • fold up comb/brush
  • cleansing wipe
Your choice of complimentary daily newspaper will be delivered each morning and the mobile shop visits to allow you to purchase additional items during your stay.

More information

For more information about private rooms, please call our switchboard on (01384) 456111 and ask them to bleep:
  • 8700 (for orthopaedic services)
  • 8931 (for general surgery)