Why choose Care Plus?

There are many advantages of choosing The Dudley Group for your private care.

Care Plus gives you the reassurance of a team of NHS consultants or specialists (depending on the type of service you require) in state of the art facilities.You have the guarantee of a consultant or specialist at every stage of your private treatment.

You will have access to a range of diagnostics and the security of knowing you have all the specialist clinical back up on site provided 24 hours a day at Russells Hall Hospital.

Costs are competitive and all inclusive and you will receive one bill with no hidden extras for your outpatient consultation, procedure and/or follow up where appropriate.

The service is open to paying patients and those with private health insurance.

You will also benefit from free car parking.

Profits from private work will be used to develop our NHS services and help buy new and improved equipment which will benefit all of our patients.