We have looked at education across Dudley for all health care professionals including medics (hospital based and GPs), nursing staff (qualified/unqualified), allied health professionals and non clinical staff, including admin, ward clerks, porters and volunteers. As a team of professionals we are working towards ensuring there is end of life education available.

The education programme includes training, education courses and resources, and aims to ensure all health and social care staff in Dudley have the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude to care for the dying.

Our aim is to make sure our workforce can:

  • Identify people approaching the end of life and initiate discussions about preferences for end of life care
  • Plan care i.e. assess needs and preferences, agree a care plan to reflect these and review regularly
  • Coordinate care
  • Deliver high-quality services in all locations
  • Manage the last days of life
  • Provide care after death
  • Support carers, both during a person’s illness and after death

If you would like to see a summary of the education and training that we provide, click the link to download our current education plan:

Education Lead

Richard Alleyne,  Palliative Medicine Consultant, (01384) 321800 or email