Stop Smoking Service

The Trust’s stop smoking service will provide advice, support and access to stop smoking treatments to help you stop smoking. Evidence shows that people are 4 times more likely to stop smoking with support and treatment than if they try to stop on their own. The Duley Group’s Smoking Cessation team is made up of Sally Hinsley and Rachel Blowers, Dudley Stop Smoking Liaison Sisters.

No Smoking Day reduced


Ask your ward nurse or doctor to refer you to the stop smoking service.  A member of the team will visit you during your stay in hospital and discuss the most appropriate treatment plan for you.  In addition to this they will be able to test your carbon monoxide levels so you can see your progress.  With your discretion, this support can be continued for up to 12 weeks once you are discharged.

If you do not want to stop smoking you can still be supported whilst in hospital for temporary abstinence.  The use of electronic cigarettes is not allowed in the hospital buildings.

Smoking in pregnancy is extremely harmful and no level of smoking is safe for you and your unborn baby. Throughout your pregnancy you will be asked by your midwife and doctor if you smoke and as part of routine antenatal care breath tested for carbon monoxide levels.

However, we know that despite being pregnant, it is not always easy to quit. We provide dedicated advisors to support you, your partner or any other family members that smoke to stop and will continue to do so throughout pregnancy.  This includes access to treatments such as nicotine replacement therapy.  Your midwife will be able to provide further information.

If you attend an outpatients appointment, as part of routine assessment, you will be asked if you are a smoker. If you are a smoker you will be offered a referral to the trusts stop smoking service.  If you accept, a member of the team will visit you whilst you are in the outpatients department or will contact you at home to discuss it further with you.

If you are due to visit the trust for surgical treatment and you smoke, you are advised to stop smoking beforehand. This is to minimise any potential complications. Smokers are far more likely to have anaesthetic related complications and delayed recovery.

Service is available at:

Russells Hall Hospital

Corbett Hospital

Guest Hospital

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  • 01384 456111 extension 2783