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Age 18 and above

We are currently expanding our programme to those of at least 18 years of age who are either in education or are considering a change in career.

Work experience for university students can be arranged by the student directly contacting the specialty of study/interest.   A full list of our services can be found on the following link:

All other available programmes are as follows:

Therapy Services Programme

Therapy Services in Dudley offer one day work observation placements in bothpPhysiotherapy and occupational therapy.

You must be aged 15 years or over at the time of placement and be able to demonstrate an interest in or, be considering pursuing a career in physiotherapy or occupational therapy.

Due to high demands for our work observation placements, your application is not a guarantee that you will be successful. Please note – dates may not be during specific work experience weeks.

  • Physiotherapy work observation placement is held on a Thursday.
  • Occupational therapy work observation placement is held on a Tuesday.

Please complete the application form and return by post to:

Jo Berwick
Secretary for Therapy Services
Russells Hall Hospital

Or complete electronically and return to the following email address:

Medical Work Experience Programme

The Ron Grimley Undergraduate Centre have an annual Medical Work Experience programme which takes place during two consecutive weeks in June and July. The programme allows those aspiring to be doctors the opportunity to gain an awareness of the role whilst fully immersing them in daily clinical life and obtaining a better understanding of the work involved.

Applicants must be a student in year 12 or above, and at least 17 years of age at the time the work experience takes place. They should either be attending college or higher education establishments within the Dudley area or reside in the Dudley borough.

For further information and how to apply, please click on the following link:

Volunteering Programme

The volunteer programme provides support directly to patients in the hospital.  The minimum age for volunteering is 16 years old however there may be certain departments where you will need to be 18 years of age.

For further information and how to apply, please click on the following link: