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Antenatal Information- Infant Feeding

During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your baby’s brain is growing quickly and you can help this development by taking some time out to relax and talk to him/her, to stroke your bump and maybe play some music to him. Encourage other family members to do the same.

Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust run regular breastfeeding workshops and Mom2Mom classes to help pregnant woman and their families prepare for feeding and caring for their new baby. We strongly recommend attending however you think you might feed your baby. To book please call 01384 244358 between 10am-12noon Monday-Friday.

Antenatal hand expression

Women start to produce colostrum (early milk) during pregnancy. Learning to hand express is a useful skill for all new mothers. It is important that in the early days baby only receives his mother’s milk if possible. If the unexpected happens and your baby has feeding difficulties or health problems, you will find it easier to express your milk if you have practised beforehand. You will also be able to store this colostrum that you express so that you will have a small supply available should your baby need it. We recommend hand expression of colostrum from 36weeks of pregnancy. Please speak to your midwife for more information and to obtain a hand expression kit.