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Emergency team welcomes practitioners

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Emergency team welcomes practitioners

3rd July 2017 - Hot Topics

The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust is pleased to announce the appointment of five Advanced Clinical Practitioners (ACPs) and Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANPs) to the Emergency Department at Russells Hall Hospital.

The ACPs and ANPs, who are senior nurses and paramedics, are responsible for assessing, investigating, treating and observing their own patients.

The staff have undergone extensive advanced training and examinations in order to work in the department as independent practitioners.

The role is funded by the Trust and supported by Health Education England and the Royal College of Emergency Medicine as a valuable component of the emergency workforce.

Dr Raj Paw, a consultant in the Emergency Department, said, “The ACPs and ANPs we have at Dudley are great members of the team that not only contribute to the functioning of the department through direct patient care fully managing their own patient case load, but also bring additional skills to the Emergency Department due to their paramedic background which enhances the depth and breadth of care we can provide as an Emergency Department.”