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Helping Your Baby Grow and Develop- Infant Feeding

Helping your baby grow and develop

New babies have a strong need to be close to their parents, as this helps them to feel secure and loved. Keep your baby close to you so that you can recognise the signals that he makes to tell you that he is hungry or wants a cuddle. Responding to these signals will comfort and calm your baby, which will also help you to feel calm and relaxed and will help with breastfeeding. Holding your baby when he is crying helps him to feel loved and secure, even if he does not stop crying immediately. When babies feel secure they release a hormone called oxytocin, this helps their brain to grow and develop, helping them to be happy babies and more confident children and adults.

Having a new baby can be challenging. However, by keeping baby close you will soon start to understand what your baby needs. Research shows that baby’s cared for in this way grow into toddlers who are less likely to be clingy. You cannot spoil your baby.

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