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New technology brings back old memories

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New technology brings back old memories

25th August 2017 - Hot Topics

The Dudley Group has introduced new digital reminiscence therapy software to areas across Russells Hall Hospital to offer extra support to patients with dementia.

The Reminiscence Interactive Therapy and Activities (RITA) software is a form of cognitive therapy which helps to calm, stimulate and reduce agitation in patients with dementia. The therapy has been proven to positively engage patients, who have a cognitive decline in mental abilities such as memory and thinking.

The software, in the form of a tablet device, helps patients to relax, recall memories and encourage interaction between them and their families.

Elderly Care Matron Rachel Tomkins has been involved in training staff on how to use the software across the hospital.

“The reminiscence software has already made a massive difference to our patients in such a short space of time.

“I really believe that this fantastic piece of technology is helping to make our patients feel more comfortable during their stay and that it is also contributing to a reduction in falls.”

The Trust has purchased ten tablets which hold a wide range of interactive activities for patients to access, such as a library of music from every generation, old and new films to watch and an app for families to create personalised life albums by uploading photos with their loved ones.

The technology has proven useful in helping staff get to know patients and learning more about them and their interests.