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Blood transfusion

You may need a blood transfusion during or after your operation. This is more common with major vascular or abdominal surgery, or if you are already anaemic. You can ask your anaesthetist or surgeon about the risks and benefits of blood  transfusion. Blood transfusions are generally avoided  unless absolutely necessary.

The following leaflets contain more information.

  • Anaemia: Gives an overview of what anaemia is and the options of treatment which may include a blood transfusion
  • Will I need a blood transfusion?: Why you might need a blood transfusion, the risks and benefits and how will you feel during a blood transfusion.
  • Iron in your diet: Helps understand the importance of iron in the diet and what can happen if you have low iron levels.
  • Patient Blood Management: Patient Blood Management (PBM) is a standard of care that focuses on measures to reduce or avoid the need for a blood transfusion if possible.
  • Cell salvage: Cell salvage is a way of collecting the blood that is lost during, or just after your operation, so that it can be given back to you.