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C8 – Stroke Unit, Stroke and General Rehabilitation

On behalf of the team who will be caring for you we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Russells Hall Hospital. We aim to make your stay as short and comfortable as possible.

Visiting times

  • Every day – 2:00pm – 8:00pm

What do I need to bring?


If you are regularly using medication including tablets, inhalers or creams prescribed by your own doctor or medication you buy from your local pharmacy or health food shop or if you have a special card with details of any treatment, please bring them with you during your hospital stay.

On many wards there are now safe drug storage lockers by your bed where we will store your medication during your stay. We will remove any old or unwanted medication and add any newly prescribed medication to your locker while you are in hospital.

This all helps to make sure you receive the best care. If you are unable or not willing to bring in your own medication please bring an up-to-date list of all your regular medication so we can ensure the drug chart at the end of your bed is correct. Bringing your own medication into hospital is very helpful and can reduce the time you wait for your tablets prior to discharge.

What else to bring with you:

  • Address and telephone number of next of kin
  • Your letter of admission (if applicable)
  • Single Assessment Folder/SAP (if applicable)
  • Personal toiletries
  • Nightdress/pyjamas
  • Dressing gown
  • Well fitted slippers/footwear
  • Tissues
  • Towels
  • Indoor clothes – if preferred
  • Spectacles, hearing/walking aids etc

What not to bring with you

  • Alcohol, tobacco or tobacco products
  • Outdoor clothing
  • Money and valuables


The ward has a controlled access for security reasons so please use the intercom system, when a staff member answers, please speak into the loudspeaker. It is important that you use this system to gain entry and do not enter unannounced if, for instance, the door is open due to someone else leaving. When you and your visitors leave the ward, it is also important that you do not allow entry to others at the same time.

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Key staff

Useful information

This service is available at:

  • Russells Hall Hospital

Where to find us

  • Second floor, east wing, Russells Hall Hospital

Telephone numbers

  • (01384) 456111 (Switchboard)
  • Extension 3376 (Station 1)
  • Extension 2136 (Station 2)
  • Extension 3063 (Station 3)
  • Extension 3323 (Station 4)

Service details

Clinical directorate

  • Acute Specialist Medicine

Management team

  • Dr Shahid Kausar & Siobhan Preston (Directorate manager)
    Clinical director
  • Dr Ash Banerjee
    Medical service head

Nursing leads

  • Simon Gregory
  • Amandeep Basra
    Lead nurse
  • Donna Salt (Stroke coordinator)
    Lead nurse