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Continence Service (Community)

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We aim to empower people to gain freedom from their symptoms and improve the quality of their lives.

We believe EVERYONE should have the opportunity to receive advice, treatment and rehabilitation to improve their bladder and bowel symptoms, and their quality of life.

These health problems can seriously, and negatively impact on the physical, psychological and social wellbeing of affected individuals.

The Continence service for Bladder and Bowel Service will look at referrals for people aged 18+ who wish to receive specialist support and advice with bladder and bowel problems.

Which services are provided?
We provide assessment and treatment for bladder and bowel issues such as:
• Urinary incontinence
• Bowel incontinence
• Overactive bladder
• Post natal bladder and pelvic floor concerns
• Urinary retention
• Constipation

Treatments offered include:
• Advice and education (Group education or 1:1)
• Drinks and diet advice
• Bladder retraining
• Bowel retraining and bowel opening advice
• Pelvic floor rehabilitation
• Exercises (Breathing, Posture and Pilates)
• Teaching self-catheterisation
• Teaching bowel irrigation management

The service also offers:
• Specialist advice and support to care homes
• Training for community staff in bladder, bowel management and pelvic floor issues
• Support with complex bladder and bowel cases
• Advice and prescription of containment products where appropriate

Containment products (also known as continence pads):
Please note that the team follows NHS guidelines with regards to the prescription of containment products.
We will offer suitable advice and treatment options to all patients referred to our team. Containment products will only be prescribed when no other options are available.

Where are clinics provided?
Brierley Hill Health & Social Care Centre
Halesowen Health Centre
Ladies Walk Clinic, Sedgley
Stourbridge Health & Social Care Centre
St. James Medical Practice, Dudley

Specific week days at each clinic.

Phone consultations are available to all who may struggle to access a clinic.
The Clinician will carry out an individual assessment over the phone, or a home visit may then be arranged if patient is housebound.

How can you contact the service?

Dudley GP’s or health professionals can refer by completing our NEW referral form online via SPA/ clinical hub.

Patients with a Dudley GP can refer themselves for treatment by emailing: or by calling 01384321517 and leaving a message.

Working hours Mon- Friday 8.30-4.30. This service is closed on weekends and bank holidays.

Continence Product delivery line:

This is for clients who have already been assessed and prescribed products by one of our clinicians.

phone number 01384321516 (voice mail service)

Patient information leaflets

Useful information

This service is available at:

  • Community Health & Social Care Centres

Where to find us

  • Brierley Hill Health and Social Care Centre, Venture Way, DY5 1RU

Service details

Clinical directorate

  • Community

Management team

  • Gurdees Watson - Matron
    Clinical director
  • Ruth Hopper - Continence Team Leader
    Medical service head