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NHS Change Day: Let’s make a change!

Image for NHS Change Day: Let’s make a change!
NHS Change Day: Let’s make a change!

11th March 2015 - Hot Topics

Wednesday 11th March was NHS Change Day!

Here at The Dudley Group we are passionate about making a change for the better. The idea behind NHS Change day is lots of people across the NHS making a pledge to make the NHS even better. Lots of small actions will result in big changes for the NHS as a whole.

big change

We asked our staff to make a pledge or share an action for NHS Change Day and:

Complete a change day card and display it on our change day wall (on the main Russells Hall Hospital corridor at the North Wing crossroads).

Share the change they’re making online at

Have their photo taken with their change day card to be uploaded to the Trust’s Twitter account.


Debi Houghton - ward B5  Jane DavidsonAnne BainesDarryll - Radiology Catherine NicklinChrisAdam WoodhallAlice ford Amanda GastonSarah JadeAmy - EAU Jane Elvidge Jane FleetwoodRachel TomkinsJacqui Howells  Jason Bingham (2)Katie Richards Louise Coley-Holland  Rachel Howells  Sara Davis Sarah Clarke simon gregory (2) Yvonne o'connor
Vicky - Ward B5 Carrie Spaford

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