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Health and Wellbeing

People who are living with cancer, and those who have had cancer, often have specific support needs. If these needs are not addressed, it can damage their long-term prognosis and their ability to lead an active and healthy life. These needs can include information about treatment and care options, psychological support, advice about financial assistance and support in managing their condition themselves. Carers also play a vital role in supporting people with cancer and it is important that their needs for information, advice and support are addressed.

Addressing all these needs is central to the National Cancer Survivorship Initiative (NCSI), which is coordinating efforts to improve the quality of services available to people affected by cancer.

Although there have been significant improvements for support for people living with and beyond cancer, more needs to be done so that cancer survivors have the care and support they need to live as healthy a life as possible, for as long as possible.

Health and wellbeing clinics / information

Health and Wellbeing Clinics are a Macmillan Cancer Support development as part of its survivorship work. Their aim is that everyone who has had a cancer diagnosis and is living with cancer, will have access to a Health and Wellbeing Clinic, that will provide the support they need to enable them to lead as normal a life as possible. The clinics support people around the end of cancer treatment with the transition between the treatment phase of their care and survivorship.

What are the benefits of the clinic?

It enables people living with cancer, and their families, to manage the effects of their illness by giving them necessary information and promoting positive lifestyle changes.

Who are they for?

They are for people who are living with cancer. Your clinical nurse specialist will give you an appointment when it is relevant for you to attend. You can bring a relative, a friend or carer along with you.

What will I gain?

Each session is delivered by a clinician with expertise in that field. Topics being covered include:

  • Health needs assessment – you will have the opportunity to complete one of these during the session
  • White House Cancer Support
  • Citizens Advice benefits
  • Action Health and what exercise can help you
  • Treatments and the effects of treatments
  • Symptoms of concern
  • Palliative care
  • Lymphedema
  • Psychological support
  • Nutritional support

Where are they held?

They are held at Russells Hall Hospital in the Clinical Education Centre in South Block. The sessions last about two hours.  There is also an opportunity to ask questions as a group or on an individual basis. Staff can attend as well for awareness and information of services available if they are looking after cancer patients.

All information and the PowerPoints that are presented at these events are available to view here.

Online Support and resources for health and wellbeing

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