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Organ Donation

What is organ donation?

Simply put organ donation is the act of giving one or more organs to a recipient when that person’s own organ has failed. Most frequently the term ‘organ donation’  is associated with the generous act of donating one’s organ after death. Living donation may also be possible for certain organs such as kidneys. Tissue donation refers to donating vitally important structures such as heart valves or corneas.

Further information

What can I donate?

Living donation

Why is organ donation so important?

At this time medical science is unable to replicate the function of all of our organs or the machinery used is too large and complex to allow for independence. The only way that people who have suffered failure of an organ can extend their life or become independent is to receive a donated organ.

Why donate organs?

How do we support organ donation?

At The Dudley Group we actively support the wishes of our patients and have an organ donation committee that work alongside NHSBT to help with education and advice on local organ donation issues.

If you have considered organ donation or have decided that you would like to join the organ donation please register.

Why it is important to have the conversation and share your thoughts with your loved ones?

For further information please contact:
Rebecca Evans: Specialist Nurse for organ donation
Kate Kemp: Organ donation link nurse for ICM
Julian Sonksen: Clinical lead for organ donation
Rajvinder Uppal: Clinical lead for organ donation