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Delivery Suite

Delivery Suite

Delivery Suite provides care to women who may have risk factors in pregnancies and/or labour and are generally referred for consultant care and the care of the obstetric team.
Although your labour may have risk factors, we aim to provide individualised care to all women, encouraging mobility and active birth where possible. However, if your baby needs to be continuously monitored, mobility may be restricted. If you have a birth plan or have wishes regarding pain relief and care in labour, please discuss them with the midwife caring for you.

Labour care is provided in single, en suite rooms. One to one care is provided once labour is established.
Following the birth, you may be moved to the 4 bedded postnatal bays where care can be provided in a safe environment and observation of you and your newborn baby is easier.
Women who have problems during or after the birth of their babies may be cared for on the Delivery Suite for a time after the birth also.

Birth partners

You may be accompanied by 2 named birth partners who may stay with you for the duration of your labour. They will be provided with a visitor’s pass by the security guard. Swapping birth partners or visiting by other family or friends is not allowed during labour.

Following the birth of your baby, visiting times and regulations will commence (see Maternity Unit page for visiting times).

Grandparent visiting

Grandparents may visit for half an hour outside regular visiting hours once your midwife is happy that you and your baby are well enough.

Feeding support

All staff are trained to provide feeding support to you and your newborn baby. Friends and relatives who have a Mom2Mom Passport must adhere to the rules and terms outlined in the passport (see classes and support page for more information about Mom2Mom support and the Mom2Mom passport).

For more information on labour and birth please see the following link Labour and birth – NHS (

We look forward to seeing you on the Delivery Suite.