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Med3 forms (fit notes) are now going digital

From Wednesday 20th March 2024 Med3 forms (fit notes) will be going digital and shall now be known as an eMed3 form.

What is an eMed3 fit note?

A Med3 form (The Statement of Fitness for Work) is commonly referred to as a fit note or sick note and is requested by a patient. The form is used to confirm that the patient is either unfit for work or may return following suitable adjustments or adaptations. The form is issued from day eight of the sickness period. During the first seven days a patient can self-certify. An eMed3 refers to an electronic version of the Med3 form.

What is changing and why?

The process for issuing a fit note is changing to comply with legislative changes within section 250 of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 and the Information Standards Notice DAPB4011 for secondary care settings to provide electronic fit notes.

From Wednesday 20th March 2024 healthcare professionals must issue the current paper-based form electronically via Sunrise.

What are the benefits of this change in policy?

  • National compliance
  • Trust operational staff time saved due to no longer having to order and arrange distribution of paper Med3 forms. They will be able to spend the time saved on other meaningful operational activity.
  • In the future we intend to distribute the forms electronically, this will save on printing costs and offer an improved service for our patients.

Training material

Please refer to the Training guide for details of how to complete the form with an example.

Note that you will need to login to your nearest Ricoh managed print service to collect the printed form, this is the ‘Follow-you’ option.​

  1. eMed3 fit note Training Guide V1.2
  2. eMed3 fit note Quick Reference Guide V1.1
  3. Health Issues Manager QRG v2.0 (guide to Health Issues Manager)