Chaplaincy Service

The Dudley Group is committed to the spiritual care of patients and their relatives.

As part of this commitment, the Chaplaincy Service aims to help facilitate the spiritual care of patients and their visitors, and also to meet any religious needs you may have or to make provision for you to practice your religion if you would like to.

The Chaplaincy team sees healthcare as fundamentally an activity that enables people to re-establish a whole that was broken, to become ‘not-separate’. In many instances, this means making new connections, or broader connections, to a reality that may have to include illness and suffering, the success or failure of treatment, even dying, death and bereavement.

Many people who are in hospital find that it is a time that is very different to normal life. It may be a time of uncertainty, of questioning what is important and of coming to terms with issues they have not faced before.

This time may bring to the surface many feelings, feelings that may be difficult to cope with and sometimes a little overpowering. Sharing these thoughts and feelings can often help us to be healthier, although opening up is not always easy.

The Chaplaincy Sevice consists of Chaplains from various faiths and helps with the spirtual care of patients and visitors.

A Chaplain is available during working hours and anything said to a Chaplain is always kept in confidence.

If you would like to speak to a Chaplain, please call at the Chaplain’s office, ask at Main Reception or ask a member of staff. Messages can be left in confidence on the office answering machine.

Prayer Centre

The Trust has a Prayer Centre at Russells Hall Hospital which is open at all times.

The motivation behind the Prayer Centre is to create an environment in which people – patients, visitors and staff – can find somewhere that will lead to internal peace, an encounter with the self and the spiritual dimension of life.

There is very little furniture, few staff, no beds, no monitoring equipment and only the faintest murmur of the bustling workplace outside.

It is a place that invites and challenges us to stop and to simply exist for a moment in time and space. It is a stationary snowglobe in which the wild flakes that fly about within and around us may be allowed to settle.

The Prayer Centre has four distinct areas:

The main area

The main area is an open space for those with religious beliefs and those with none to come and pray, to contemplate or to simply be still.

Love and prayer come from the same place and often precede any one belief.

However you pray and whoever you pray for, please feel free to write in the Prayer Book if you wish.

You are also invited to take a pebble from the bowl. It is suggested that you put the pebble in your pocket, purse, handbag etc. so that every time you touch it you will be reminded of your prayer.

The prayer room

The prayer room has ablution facilities and is often used by Muslim patients, visitors and staff.

The chapel

The chapel contains a Christian altar, tabernacle and symbols.

The peace garden

The peace garden is also available for quiet contemplation. The Peace Garden can be entered from the main corridor and is outside the Prayer Centre. It is open during the day.

Times of all services in the Prayer Centre are shown on the ward notice boards.

Please respect all of the areas in the Prayer Centre so that there will always be a sacred space in Russells Hall Hospital.

In particular, please remove your shoes when entering the Prayer Room and also the main area during Friday midday (Muslim) prayers.

Key staff

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Useful information

This service is available at:
  • Russells Hall Hospital
Where to find us
  • Near main reception, Russells Hall Hospital
Telephone numbers
  • (01384) 456111 (ext. 2352)