Palliative Care and End of Life

Welcome to the Specialist Palliative Care Home Page

Palliative care is the active holistic care of patients with advanced progressive illness.

The management of pain and other symptoms and provision of psychological, social and spiritual support is paramount.

The goal of palliative care is achievement of the best quality of life for patients and those important to them

Specialist Palliative Care Team

The Dudley Specialist Palliative Care team is a multidisciplinary team consisting of consultants in palliative medicine, clinical nurse specialists in palliative care, clinical psychology, occupational therapy and physiotherapy.

The team provides specialist advice alongside the patient’s own medical team or GP whether that be in hospital or at home, or in a care home.

We aim to work closely with other health and social care professionals to help and support patients and those important to them who are having to cope with living with a life limiting illness

The objective of our service is to:

  • Provide holistic assessment of patients and those important to them, identifying and addressing physical, psychological, spiritual or social needs.
  • To work collaboratively with the multi-disciplinary team of health and social care professionals to provide excellent holistic care
  •  To support all members of the healthcare team in making decisions regarding care for patients at the end of their life
  •  To support the dying person, and those important to them in establishing and documenting the priorities for their care, including their wishes & preferences, and care & treatment that they would not want.

End of life care facilitator

Our end of life care facilitators are responsible for educating the workforce. They support staff to deliver end of life care to a high standard.