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Bottle feeding

Bottle Feeding

If you make the informed decision to bottle feed your baby it is important to learn how to do so safely.

The above link has all the necessary information regarding sterilising feeding equipment and preparing infant formula.

If you are bottle feeding it is recommended that you use first infant formula for the first year. For information regarding which milk to choose:

It is important that the baby’s parents give most of the baby’s bottle feeds, as this will help build up a close and loving relationship between you. Offer the bottle in response to signs that you baby is ready to feed, gently invite baby to take the teat and pace the feeds to meet the baby’s needs.

Make snuggling up and bottle feeding your baby a special time for you both. While you are feeding your baby maintain eye contact and cradle him. This will help your baby feel safe and loved.

If you are planning to bottle feed please bring a formula starter pack into hospital.