Medical HDU

The Medical High Dependency Unit (MHDU) consists of 10 beds: 6 high dependency beds plus 4 additional flexible beds which are available to use in times of high demand for ward level patients. We are located on the second floor in the West Wing.

We care for severely unwell medical patients requiring closer observation than a general ward can deliver. We offer specialist support for patients experiencing organ failure while providing continuous monitoring of our patients. Respiratory support measures include the use of high flow oxygen and non-invasive ventilation (NIV).  Cardiac and blood pressure support is provided by the continuous infusion of drugs that is guided by the use of monitoring devices such as arterial and central lines.  We are also able to offer renal replacement therapy (RRT) for example haemodialysis.

Our nursing ratio on the unit is one nurse to two patients. We are supported in giving care to our patients by other departments such as physiotherapy, pharmacy, microbiology and nutrition specialists.

Patients will have a medical review at least once every day,  and doctors are available Monday to Friday between 2 – 3pm to speak with our patients and their family for updates and plans of care.

Visiting Times

Everyday   14:00 – 15:00

Everyday   18:30 – 20:00

Note:  No children less than 12 years of age will be permitted to visit

Useful Links:
British Thoracic Society
Department of Health

Useful information

This service is available at:
  • Russells Hall Hospital
Where to find us
  • Second floor, West Wing, Russells Hall Hospital
Telephone numbers
  • 01384 244155

Service details

Nursing leads
  • Kaye Sheppard (Acting)
  • Rachael Collins
    Lead nurse