Pain Management

Welcome to the Dudley Group Pain Management Department

The pain management service is located across all three hospital sites.

The Dudley Pain Service provides a multi-disciplinary approach to help patients manage their chronic pain problems. We provide support and education as well as an array of multimodal management plans to help alleviate pain as much as possible. The varieties of different ways of helping people to improve their quality of life include:

  • Consultant led appointments
  • Physical therapy for active rehabilitation
  • Psychology assesment
  • Acupuncture
  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve System (TENS)
  • Medication review and optimisation
  • Various injections for specific areas in pain
  • Topical Capsacain 8% patch treatment (Qutenza®)

There is also a specific pain management programme that is aimed at helping certain people adapt their lifestyles and approach to life to enable them to live with their pain.

Our aim is not only to reduce the burden of pain but to improve self-management, encourage mobility and reduce the negative psychological impact of pain. It is often not possible to cure long term pain but, with help, patients can return to a higher quality of life despite the pain.

Clinic times

Dudley Guest Hospital

  • Monday – Morning
  • Monday – Afternoon
  • Friday – Morning
  • Friday – Afternoon

Russells Hall Hospital

  • Thursday – Morning