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Medicine Information

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What is Medicines Information?

It is an evidence based advice service which is provided to both healthcare professionals and patients using the most up to date resources.  We have one full time pharmacist working in Medicines Information and one junior rotational member of staff.

Part of the role is to pioneer the reporting of adverse drug reactions and promote patient safety.  This involves completion of Yellow Cards and reporting to the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency via their website  In addition to this the role involves training pharmacist colleagues on information resources aiding the evaluation of new medicines being introduced to the formulary, writing guidelines and the general provision of education and training within the department and promoting continued professional development.

If you have any questions about your medicines we would advise that you initially contact your community pharmacist who may be able to help.  If it is about medicines you have received from the hospital please contact the ward or department you have visited.

Service availability

The service is provided at the following times:

Monday:  09:00a.m – 5:20p.m

Tuesday: 09:00a.m – 5:20p.m

Wednesday: 09:00a.m – 5:20p.m

Thursday: 09:00a.m – 5:20p.m

Friday: 09:00a.m – 5:20p.m

Saturday and Sunday – closed – Advice to healthcare professionals available through resident on-call pharmacist

What type of information do we provide?

The Medicines Information department at The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust provides a service to health care professionals in the Trust, health colleagues in the community and members of the public. The department can answer enquiries and offer advice on all aspects of drug use including:

  • Drug interactions
  • Adverse drug reactions
  • Compatibilities of parenteral drugs
  • Administration of IV solutions
  • Dosing and frequency of medicines
  • Safety of drugs in pregnancy/lactation
  • Safety of drugs in impaired renal/hepatic function
  • Administration of medication via enteral feeding tubes
  • Identity of foreign drugs
  • Provision of proactive information for both pharmacy staff and other health care professionals

Useful Websites

Electronic medicines compendium

British National Formulary

Patient Information leaflets

Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency

UK Medicines Information website

Travel Medicines

Local community pharmacies information