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Rapid Access Pathway (RA)

The rapid access pathway was introduced so that a specialist can assess any patient with symptoms/results that might indicate cancer as quickly as possible. We are required to assess a patient within a 2 weeks of the referral from the GP. This is called a rapid access pathway. This assessment can be in the form of a clinic appointment, telephone consultation or an investigation. This is how we see you as soon as possible.

The cancer care navigator role in your care

Waiting for appointments can be stressful for patients. Here at The Dudley Group we have a team of cancer navigators to help and support you throughout this pathway. They will be your point of contact. Your care will be coordinated by this team. Care coordination is not one person’s role or responsibility. It is about joining up services, coordination, providing information and communication between care givers, treatment providers and their families to create a seamless service.

You can contact a cancer care navigator on:

01384456111 ext 4620

01384 244620