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Dudley people urged to join organ donor register

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Dudley people urged to join organ donor register

10th May 2016 - Hot Topics

The family of a 41 year-old father of five, who saved four lives by donating his organs, will be urging the people of Dudley to join the Organ Donor Register at an event at Russells Hall Hospital hosted by the Mayor and Mayoress of Dudley.

Carol and Pete Massey, whose son Jason died tragically of meningitis in March 2014, are attending the organ donation awareness event on Monday 9th May in the hope that their personal experience will encourage others to join the register and help save more lives.

“Jason was on the Organ Donor Register and knowing that he was able to donate his kidneys, liver and heart has helped us come to terms with our grief,” said Carol, who will be accompanied at the event by Jason’s widow Ann and their eldest daughter Danielle.

“Jason died at Russells Hall Hospital just before his 42nd birthday and two of his daughters really struggled with the idea of organ donation,” added Carol, a retired nurse of the Trust.

“We think it’s brilliant that Jason was able to help four people. Now we are all on the Organ Donor Register, including Jason’s eldest two children, because if their dad had needed an organ, we would have been begging anyone to donate. We think Jason is a real hero.”

The event will feature a presentation of the model of ‘The Gift of Life’ organ donation sculpture that was unveiled outside the hospital in October 2014 by His Royal Highness The Duke of Gloucester.

Local artist Paul Margetts, who designed the stunning sculpture, will present the model to Dr Julian Sonksen, Clinical Lead for Organ Donation, and Non-executive Director Ann Becke, who sits on the Trust’s Arts and Environment Group.

“Organ transplantation is completely dependent on the generosity of donors like Jason who made a life-saving gift,” said Dr Sonksen.

“Monday’s event is a lovely opportunity for our staff and members of the public to speak to Carol and Pete and their family to find out why it is so important that more people join the Organ Donor Register,” he added.

Councillor Steve Waltho, Mayor of Dudley, said, “I am passionate about raising awareness of how organ donation can save lives. As a council we support national initiatives to increase the number of people on the organ donor register, which has helped increase numbers locally. I am looking forward to meeting Jason’s family to talk to them more about how important this work is.”

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You are invited to attend an Organ Donation Awareness event at Russells Hall Hospital at 11.00am on Monday, 9th May 2016.

You will have the opportunity to speak to the Mayor of Dudley, Councillor Steve Waltho, the family of Jason Massey, Dr Julian Sonksen, clinical lead for organ donation, and non-executive director and member of the Trust’s Arts and Environment Group Ann Becke.

If you would like to attend, please email or telephone 01384 244403

Organ donation facts

  • More than 22 million people are registered on the Organ Donor Register.
  • 6,483 people currently on the active transplant list.
  • For the financial year 2014/2015 – 3,339 transplants took place from deceased donors. This year’s stats have not been released yet.
  • For the *West Midlands county more than 600,000 people are signed up to the Organ Donor Register.

*This is for the county and not the region.

For more information, please call Jackie Dietrich, Communications Manager for The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust, on (01384) 456111 extension 1314 or email