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Maternity staff wellbeing room opens at Russells Hall Hospital

Image for Maternity staff wellbeing room opens at Russells Hall Hospital
Maternity staff wellbeing room opens at Russells Hall Hospital

10th August 2022 - Press Releases and Statements

Staff at Russells Hall Hospital’s Maternity Department are over the moon following the opening of their brand-new staff wellbeing room.

The staff wellbeing room, which is located at the Russells Hall Hospital Maternity Unit, was developed to give the maternity staff a tranquil and calming space to relax and unwind during their break times. The room was officially launched by Diane Wake, the Trust’s chief executive who was also joined by InTouch Games CFO, Jennifer Chu.

The room’s creation came into fruition following feedback from staff at the Trust which revealed how they had been coping in the pandemic and what improvements they would appreciate to support them through the distressing period.

Whilst many of the responses centred around medical equipment or enhancements to departments and wards to support patients and their families as best as possible, there was also an overarching theme of a need for staff wellbeing initiatives, in particular the need for improved indoor and outdoor spaces for staff.

The Dudley Group NHS Charity was fortunate to receive charitable donations from members of the public, community groups and companies such as InTouch Games during covid. The Trust, supported by the charity, decided to use some of these funds to create a dedicated staff wellbeing space for the maternity department staff.

“Staff wellbeing initiatives are a central part of how we can continue to improve and maintain the excellent quality of care that we give to our patients. Donations from companies such as In Touch Games are invaluable in helping us deliver projects such as this, so we could not be more grateful to have them working together with us,” said Diane Wake.

The Maternity Department had a very small staff room which, with social distancing, made it difficult for the number of staff on shift at any one time to take a break comfortably.

The teams wanted a ‘comfy sofa’, a place to lock away their phones in charging pods, as well as a calming space to reset after a difficult day. The room was officially launched by Diane Wake, the Trust’s chief executive and was joined by InTouch Games CFO Jennifer Chu.

Head of maternity, Claire Macdiarmid shared, “The need to take a moment away from your shift in a comfortable and peaceful space isn’t always easy to do in such a fast-paced environment. But to now have a dedicated room designed for our staff to do just this and more is incredibly beneficial for both them, and ultimately our patients too.”

With a calming colour palette of blue hues, a small dining area and a much larger fridge space, it has also enabled staff to be able to have somewhere they can store and prepare their own meals, which can be difficult to do when working long shifts.

Intouch Games CFO, Jennifer Chu, said, “The company has been supporting many organisations and communities within the UK and internationally for many years.  Seeing the new staff wellbeing room come together and now be open to all the maternity staff here at Russell’s Hall has been incredibly eye-opening for us.

“The long-term impact this will make for them makes us extremely proud and it has been a pleasure to have been a part of its creation.”

The Trust is also developing a separate space, which will be a staff only wellbeing hub. The hub will hold wellbeing workshops, talks and activities, all thanks in part to the generous donations given towards the Trust’s COVID recovery appeal.