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Nurse consultant appointed Honorary Associate Professor at Aston University

Image for Nurse consultant appointed Honorary Associate Professor at Aston University
Nurse consultant appointed Honorary Associate Professor at Aston University

13th February 2024 - Press Releases and Statements

The first nurse consultant at a Dudley hospital Trust has been appointed honorary associate professor at Aston University.

Dr Gail Parsons, nurse consultant in trauma and orthopaedics at The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust, has been appointed Honorary Associate Professor in Practice at the College of Health and Life Sciences, Aston University.
The university grants honorary professorships to people of “significant renown within their own discipline”.
Dr Parsons, who was appointed the Trust’s first nurse consultant in 2006, is very pleased by her appointment.

“I was absolutely delighted and so proud to be appointed – not only for the personal achievement but for the wider Trust. I believe it is important to remain up to date with current research opportunities and evidence-based practices and to publish and share our work with the overall focus of making a difference to the patient journey,” she said.
“It is very rewarding to receive the recognition for the work I always strive to deliver – and, in particular, to be able to contribute to making a difference to patient care and teaching others gives a great deal of satisfaction,” added Dr Parsons.

The position is for five years and allows a strong working relationship between the Trust and the university. It also allows Dr Parsons to share her expert knowledge and contribute to the students so they can reach their full potential.

“I want to inspire the nursing students to work hard and aim high in their chosen career, so that they may reach their full potential, and know that anything is possible,” she said.
Dr Parsons has been involved in some of the work the university is delivering; last September, she inputted into their new nursing degree programme with some specialist interest presentations.

She plans to deliver a Master class in Trauma and Orthopaedics within the programme.
She is also part of the steering group for Aston Research Centre for Health and Aging which aims to understand, predict, prevent and treat age-related degeneration and disease.
In 2022, Dr Parsons was appointed Director of Research and Innovation at The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust, a role that is integral to delivering innovative clinical services, improved outcomes for patients and an enhanced patient experience.