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Pastoral Care Quality Award

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Pastoral Care Quality Award

11th January 2023 - Hot Topics

​We are pleased to announce our Trust has been awarded the NHS Pastoral Care Quality Award.

The award recognises our work in international recruitment and our commitment to providing internationally educated nurses and midwives with high-quality pastoral care.

The NHS has always benefited from overseas recruitment and from nurses coming from other countries to live and work in England. In Dudley we recruited 317 international nurses and midwives in 2022.

Recruitment from outside of the UK continues to feature as an important part of the workforce supply strategy of NHS organisations, in line with the NHS People Plan. NHS England and NHS Improvement’s International Recruitment Programme is delivering an ethical and sustainable recruitment model and the programme supports NHS organisations to increase and develop their international recruitment plans.

The safe arrival, induction, and provision of support for new people joining the NHS workforce is our number one priority for international recruitment. Launched in March 2022, the NHS Pastoral Care Quality Award scheme is helping to standardise the quality and delivery of pastoral care for internationally educated nurses and midwives across England to ensure they receive high-quality pastoral support. It’s also an opportunity for trusts to recognise their work in international recruitment and demonstrate their commitment to staff wellbeing both to potential and existing employees.