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Patients treated to a new do

Image for Patients treated to a new do
Patients treated to a new do

6th March 2017 - Hot Topics

Every day is a good hair day for patients staying at Russells Hall Hospital thanks to barbering students from Halesowen College who have offered to provide free haircuts and male grooming treatments.

Patients asked for a barbering service to make hospital stays more pleasant after the success and popularity of beauty treatments offered by Dudley College beauty students since September 2013.

The idea originally came from previous patients during their hospital stay who heard about beauty treatments being offered on wards and thought introducing a barbering service would also help to make hospital stays more pleasant for patients.

Ron gets a new do

The service has been a real success and patients have been thrilled to receive a treat during their hospital stay.

Patient Ronald Shingleton, who received a trim from one of the students, said, “I am rea
lly pleased with my new haircut. They have done a great job.”

Barber student Umaer Hussein said, “I really enjoy barbering and it is so rewarding knowing that I am doing it for the benefit of patients.”

Halesowen College Course Leader Paula Evans, who oversees the haircuts, said, “The students have really embraced their visits to Russells Hall Hospital and we are really proud of what they have achieved so far.”