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Save a Life September

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Save a Life September

16th September 2015 - Hot Topics

St John Ambulance trainers have visited Russells Hall Hospital to offer free first aid demonstrations in life saving techniques to staff and visitors as part of their Save a Life September campaign

The team offered non clinical staff, patients and visitors the opportunity to learn essential first aid, including CPR, recovery position, severe bleeding and choking.

The Trust’s non-clinical Executive Directors Julie Bacon, Anne Baines, Glen Palethorpe and Paul Taylor took advantage of the opportunity to learn some life saving skills.logo

Emma Elgerton, community training co-ordinator for St John Ambulance in the West Midlands, said, “First aid is for everyone and it’s easy and fun to learn. We believe everyone should have first aid knowledge – and the more people that take part in Save a Life September, the higher the chance that someone will be on hand to help when it’s needed most.”

Paul Bytheway, Chief Operating Officer, said “I’ve been involved with St John Ambulance as a volunteer for many years and have seen first-hand the invaluable work they do for our community” he said.

“But when a professional isn’t on hand to help – at home, in the workplace, or elsewhere – having even a basic knowledge of first aid really could be the difference between life and death.

“Save a Life September is a fantastic campaign and by supporting it we can give our patients, visitors and non-clinical staff the opportunity to learn invaluable skills for life”

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