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Senior nurses go back to the floor

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Senior nurses go back to the floor

5th September 2019 - Press Releases and Statements

Senior nurses who now work as managers are rolling up their sleeves and going back to the ‘shop floor’ to support their colleagues on wards.

More than 40 senior nurses whose roles have taken them away from direct patient care are going back to the floor one day a week to help ward staff deliver high quality care at Russells Hall Hospital.

The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust says the move will have a positive impact on patient experience while ensuring senior staff can be more visible in modelling high professional standards.

Chief nurse Mary Sexton, who will be taking part, said clear visible leadership was paramount in the delivery of safe and effective care.

“Strong nurse leadership from ward to board helps drive up standards of excellence, supports an open organisational culture and delivers high quality and safe patient care,” she said.

Many of the senior nurses taking part moved into managerial positions within the Trust and among those going back to the floor with the chief nurse will be deputy chief nurses, matrons and practice development nurses.

Professional development lead Philippa Brazier is looking forward to going back to her professional roots.

“I’m looking forward to getting back on the wards. I’ve been away from providing direct patient care for 15 years,” said Philippa, who specialised in Trauma and Orthopaedics before she pursued a career in nurse education.

“It will be interesting being on the wards and supporting the junior members of staff in the day-to-day job of caring for patients.”