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Short Stay Ward

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Outpatient Antimicrobial Treatment (OPAT)

OPAT is a service that offers IV antibiotic therapy to you as an outpatient instead of admitting you to hospital, thereby avoiding unnecessary, prolonged admission to hospital.
The common conditions where OPAT is used are cellulitis and pyelonephritis but any stable patient needing long period of antibiotics can be taken up by the service at the discretion of the AMU consultant. Examples of these cases can be subdural abscess, diabetic foot, bronchiectasis, osteomyelitis, discitis etc.

HOT clinics

Daily HOT clinics, for hospital outpatient treatments, are run by an AMU consultant and registrars where we see you if you are newly referred by your GP or you have been recently discharged from hospital and need urgent follow up. GPs can refer patients directly to HOT clinic by contacting the AMU secretaries on extension 1783 (Adele Robinson) and 2654 (Victoria Green).