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The Dudley Group welcomes Guide Dog Tim

Image for The Dudley Group welcomes Guide Dog Tim
The Dudley Group welcomes Guide Dog Tim

15th November 2016 - Hot Topics


Paul and Sue with guide dog Tim

The Dudley Group has welcomed its first ever canine recruit, Tim the guide dog, to the Trust.

German Shepherd Tim has taken up his role at Russells Hall Hospital to help Eye Clinic Liaison Officer Sue Thomas, who is registered blind, in her day-to-day work.

Sue, who is based in the Ophthalmology Department, had previously found it difficult to access other areas, needing a sighted guide to visit some parts of the hospital.

“Now I have Tim on hand to help, I can be more independent in my work and can move around the busy hospital corridors with confidence,” said Sue.

“Tim has made a huge difference to my life, both on a professional and personal level, and I hope that having Tim around will help to show others that life and work can continue after a diagnosis.”

Sue, who has been visually impaired all her life, said she has been overwhelmed by the support she received in her decision to apply for a guide dog.

“I wasn’t sure what people would think to me bringing a guide dog into the hospital, but the Trust has been so supportive, right through from making my initial application to actually introducing him to the department,” she said.

Chief Operating Officer Paul Bytheway had the pleasure of spending time with Tim during his first few weeks and saw the positive impact he has had on patients and visitors.

“The benefit of having Tim around will be invaluable for Sue, so I’m really glad we’ve been able to support her in this way,” said Paul.

“Tim’s presence has brought a real sense of energy to the Ophthalmology Department and the Trust as a whole,” said Paul. ”He puts a smile on the faces of everyone he sees!”