You said; we have

You said; we have

The ‘You said; we have’ feedback highlights the impact patients and visitors have across the Trust resulting in real patient-led change.

We listen to what you tell us and aim to make changes as a result of these comments. We are regularly using the feedback we receive to continuously improve patient experience.

Please see below some examples of the work we have done to respond to what you tell us:


You Said We Have
We would like to listen to music on the radio. Headphones are available for patients who wish to listen to the radio and this is promoted throughout the wards.
I can hear what has been said to other patients. We have a new relatives room where doctors are able to take patients and relatives to discuss their care and issues.
We want more information about visiting times. Visiting times are available  in the welcome booklet which we aim to give out to every patient. Please ask a member of staff for a copy.
There is lack of information from doctors about my care. A plan is being devised by surgical managers to ensure a consultant meets with the patient each day to discuss their care.
I do not see a menu card. A new menu card has been developed and more copies will be available for patients.


If you would like to know more about patient feedback, please email