Living with and Beyond Cancer (LWBC)

The Living with and Beyond Cancer (LWBC) team are here to support you through your cancer journey and beyond. The team provides information, support and signposting to other services and organisations, as well as facilitating health and wellbeing events.


Meet our team

Lead cancer nurse – Tracy Beese

LWBC project lead nurse – Nicola Perks

LWBC coordinator – Tim Wright

Macmillan LWBC clinical nurse specialist – to be appointed

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We can best identify your needs by completing a Holistic Needs Assessment (HNA)

What is a Holistic Needs Assessment (HNA)?

A tool used by healthcare professionals to identify your individual needs and contribute to a discussion about your health. The discussion can then be focused on areas that are important to you, a care plan developed and referrals/signposting made to support services, such as rehabilitation, psychological support and services dealing with the consequences of treatment.

This ensures that your care and support services are planned and accessed appropriately.

Treatment summaries

This is a letter which is completed by your cancer team and sent to you and your GP after your primary treatment.

The aim of this letter is to provide high quality communication between your hospital team and your GP. The letter will contain details of any treatment you have received, but also useful information about alert symptoms that require referral back to your specialist team, possible consequences of treatment, an ongoing management plan and any required GP actions to help support you. Copies of the completed treatment summary will be sent to both you and your GP.

Cancer care review

Within six months of your GP practice receiving notification of your cancer diagnosis, you should be invited to have a cancer care review appointment with your GP or a practice nurse. This appointment will give you an opportunity to understand what information and services are available to you in your local area, and to enable you to self-manage your health with support as needed.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the social distancing guidelines implemented by HM Government, we have had to temporarily defer our monthly health and wellbeing events. As soon as we are advised  that it is safe to resume these events, we shall invite patients to attend.

In the interim period, we have made our PowerPoint presentation available to patients and some informative videos can be found further down this page.

Please click on the link below:


Health and wellbeing presentation



Macmillan Citizens Advice Bureau Benefits Team – 01384 817721

Action Heart – 01384 456111 ext. 1470

The White House Cancer Support -01384 231 232

Black Country Lymphoedema Support Network – 01902 654417


Extension numbers for our site specific clinical nurses

Call 01384 456111 and add the following extensions:















Upper GI


Acute oncology


 Head and neck




If you have a diagnosis of cancer, did you know that you are entitled to free prescriptions?

Patients who are undergoing treatment for cancer, experiencing the effects of cancer or the effects of cancer treatment, and are entitled to NHS treatment, are entitled to free NHS prescriptions via a medical exemption certificate.

If you are over 60, you do not need to apply as you are already exempt from prescription charges.

You can ask for an application form (FP92A) from your GP surgery or oncology clinic. Your doctor must sign it and send it to the address on the application form.

The certificate is valid for five years and covers all NHS prescriptions (whether they are related to your cancer or not).

You do not have to return your certificate before the end of the five years, even if your condition changes.


Useful video links

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Other cancer websites and contact details:

Macmillan Cancer Support – 0808 808 0000 or visit

Cancer Research UK – 0808 800 4040 or visit

Penny Brohn UK – 0303 3000 118  or visit

Useful information

This service is available at:
  • Russells Hall Hospital
Where to find us
  • Second Floor, Clinical Offices, Russells Hall Hospital
Telephone numbers
  • 01384 456111 ext. 5315