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Contact the Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS)

Dial 01384 456111 and add the extension number:

Tumour site Names Ext. number MDT lead / lead nurse   Email
Urology  Caroline Roberts  2873  Mr Shahzad  
Colorectal Colleen Fernando  2286   Mr Waterland  
Breast  Rachael Willetts  2065  Mr Voynov  
Lung    Jade Norton  2752  Dr Healey
Skin  Sharron Price  3088  Mr Mohan
Gynaecology  Louise Moseley   3584  Mr Tahmasebi  
Acute Oncology (including CUP)  Ruth Mitchell   3425  Dr Mannam  
Haematology  Angela Young  2453  Dr Hipkins  
Upper GI  Helen Knott   2443  Dr Frost   
Head and Neck  Kim Brookes  2655  Mr Whear  
Chemotherapy Gemma Hope  3426  Oncology