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Acute Oncology/CUP

Acute Oncology Services/ Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP)

Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) – Ruth Mitchell
Specialist Sister – Tina Wilkinson
Contact: – 01384 456111 Ext 3425

Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) meets Thursdays each week at 4pm

MDT Lead – Dr Mehra

If you are receiving treatment for Cancer you may become unwell due to symptoms and side effects of treatment, if you become acutely unwell, you may need admission to hospital.

When you are admitted to hospital for this reason, the Acute Oncology Nursing Team will be notified that you have been admitted.

The team look after patients admitted with complications from anti-cancer treatments such as Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, immunotherapy and others. They also look after patients admitted with complications of an Oncological emergency.

Patients diagnosed with Cancer, where the primary site is unknown, (cancer of unknown primary – CUP will also be supported by this team.

The role of this team is to improve the quality of a patients stay in hospital, by supporting staff on the wards with their care. This will involve ensuring the right tests are ordered, provide expert advice to medical and healthcare staff caring for the patients and ensuring that referrals are made to the appropriate specialist services as required.

The team provide a link between the Georgina Unit to the wider hospital teams, the hospital palliative care teams and also link in to New Cross Hospital.

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