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Research and Development

Supporting our highly motivated investigators from both internal and external organisations, our Research and Development (R&D) Directorate provides a comprehensive service ensuring that all research and innovation activity is undertaken safely, ethically, legally and efficiently.

Whether you’re looking to clinically evaluate a new system or product, or you’re looking for the expertise to help realise an idea, the Research and Development Directorate wants to help.

The R&D Directorate management and administrative team ensure that any research conducted within The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust is fully supported by:

  • Identifying, approving and setting up trials promptly and safely
  • Complying with strict European Regulations/English law
  • Providing competent research capacity/resources
  • Managing financial budgets for research
  • Promoting research across the Trust clinical services
  • Undertaking and supporting Quality Assurance

Our R&D Directorate budget is funded from external funding and not from standard clinical care. We work with the NIHR Clinical Research Network West Midlands, industry, charities and universities to ensure that all clinical trials are feasible.

For further information please feel free to telephone R&D on 01384 456111 extension 1024, or by e-mail at