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For patients, carers and the public

Clinical research is a core part of the NHS service and aims to improve the health and wealth of the nation by producing better methods of disease diagnosis, prevention and treatment that are both safe and effective. This can only be achieved by patients participating in research studies and trials to allow existing and new methods to be investigated.

The Trust is committed to support this endeavour by providing research opportunities for patients across its range of specialities.

Research studies come in a variety of forms including:

• Survey/questionnaire based studies.
• Interview/focus based studies.
• Sample based studies involving providing a few additional tissue samples.
• Observational studies.
• Drug and device trials.
• Studies that are a combination of the above.

Patients, carers and members of the public can contribute to research in many ways. This could be part of a patient group, informing study design and patient materials or attending research meetings

If you would like any further information about clinical research including current studies running within the Trust and the possibility of getting involved please contact the Research & Development department, our email is, or you can telephone us via hospital switch 01384 456111 followed by extension 3710/1024 or 3731.