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Dudley Improvement Practice

Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Wouldn’t it be great if staff had the support they need to try out their own ideas for making their work, their teams and their services better!

In 2018, The Dudley Group made a long-term commitment to building a system for Continuous Improvement.

The Dudley Improvement Practice team, with the support of NHS England and seven other trusts, have created an approach to developing a culture of Continuous Improvement which is founded on supporting and empowering staff to improve the services they are passionate about.

The Dudley Improvement Practice vision and approach

Vision A culture of continuous improvement; delivering safe, high-quality, compassionate care.
Why? Because a culture that encourages a growth mindset will result in #joyinwork and high-performing teams.
How? Working towards the vision by practising the Dudley Improvement Practice Core Principles which are aligned to the trust values; Care, Respect and Responsibility.

Aligned with the national approach to improvement (NHS IMPACT), the Dudley Improvement Practice (DIP) method consists of a range of support options such as training, facilitated workshops, events and use of data, which together support teams with a structured approach to their improvement journeys.  This is underpinned by changes in leadership behaviours to promote an improvement culture and by a management system that links improvement activities to the trust’s true norths and strategic objectives.  DIP believes in three essential elements of Continuous Improvement;

1.       Engagement – the power of collaboration is maximised by engaging the people who do the work every day and therefore have the most insight about how to improve it.

2.       Equality – harnessing the great diversity in our people by treating everyone as thinking equals drives innovation and creativity.

3.       Empowerment – developing a coaching style of leadership to make our people feel valued and psychologically safe to propose new ways of working, to contribute and to learn together.


Introduction to Dudley Improvement Practice 3-minute animation video. Improvement Journey – part of the DGFT People strategy 2024-2026. Gain CPD points with our improvement training and support to apply your skills. Community of Improvement Practice – connecting, sharing & learning at Dudley.