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Staff Wellbeing

Here at the Dudley Group, we know that by caring for our colleague’s health and wellbeing and proactively ensuring our Trust is a brilliant place to work and thrive, we can shape our future successfully by providing excellent health care for all.

We are committed to ensuring that all members of staff at the Trust have access to health and wellbeing information, resources, and professional support if required. We understand that there is no one size fits all approach to health and wellbeing, and we aim to embed a holistic and preventative approach.

For urgent mental health help, click here.

For information on advice and support mental health services, click here.

For addiction support, click here.

If you are happy and thriving in your working environment, you will inevitably have a more enjoyable experience in the workplace, contributing to the provision of excellent health care for all of our patients. The Dudley Group recognises our commitment to staff wellbeing in a variety of different ways:

  • Offering free professional support where needed
  • Physical health offers
  • Wellbeing champions in place across the organisation
  • Variety of wellbeing workshops all staff can access
  • Monthly calendar of wellbeing events
  • Regular wellbeing communications
  • Wellbeing events and engagement with staff
  • Wellbeing books available at our Trust Library
  • Wellbeing support on a bespoke basis, for teams or individually
  • Variety of outdoor breakout spaces and the development of a Wellbeing Hub space for staff.