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Freedom to Speak Up (FTSU)

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Speaking up about any concern staff have at work is really important. In fact, it’s vital because it helps the Trust to keep improving our services for all patients and the working environment for our staff.
Sometimes staff may feel worried about raising a concern, and we understand this, but we encourage staff to do this. We look into what they say and they will always have access to the support they need.
In many circumstances the easiest way to get concerns resolved will be to raise it formally or informally with a line manager, lead clinician or tutor. Where staff don’t think they can do this, or they already have and they do not think that it has been adequately dealt with, they can contact:
  • Freedom to Speak Up Guardians (these can be contacted either by their personal emails/telephone numbers or a mobile number)
  • Local Freedom to Speak Up/Patient Safety Champions
  • Chief Executive (Executive Lead for Raising Concerns)
  • Julian Atkins, Non-Executive (Non Executive Lead for Raising Concerns)
  • Guardians of Safe Working Hours (for concerns about working hours).

The guardians act independently and are here to give staff advice and support. 

The Trust promises that where staff identify a genuine concern, it will support them, fully investigate and, when appropriate, act on their concern.

This applies to a permanent employee, an agency or temporary staff member, a volunteer or for staff who work for our Private Finance Initiative (PFI) partners.
Our Board of Directors have each signed a Statement of commitment to the principles of Freedom to Speak. You can read the statement here:

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