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Health in Pregnancy Support Service

Our Heath in Pregnancy Support Service (HPSS) works alongside our midwives in community antenatal clinics and can also see women on a one to one basis in their homes, to support women and their families to make healthy choices.

The HPSS service has three key elements; however, they are happy to support you with any health advice/needs within their capacity.

Self refer by telephone: (01384) 244358

Stop Smoking

Stopping smoking in pregnancy has an immediate effect and prevents conditions such as small for gestational age babies, prematurity, stillbirth and many more. The earlier a pregnant woman stops smoking, the better.

HPSS role:
• Establish the smoking status of pregnant women. Carbon monoxide testing (CO) is part of routine care
• Identify and support pregnant smokers
• Provide specialist smoking support in pregnancy though to the postnatal period
• Discuss behavioural support and provide access to treatment prescriptions
• Support for family members
• Smoke free homes advice
• Sudden Infant Death (SIDS) advice

• Boost motivation to quit
• Praise and reaffirm

Weight Management and Healthy Lifestyles

This element supports pregnant women from becoming overweight or obese before, during and after pregnancy. The aim is to help all women who have a baby to achieve and maintain a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle, by adopting a balanced diet and being physically active.

HPSS role:
• General advice regarding healthy weight and healthy lifestyles to all pregnant women they have contact with
• Improve nutritional awareness in pregnancy to all pregnant women they have contact with
• All women with a BMI of 26 or above are offered or can access a referral to the HPSS team for specific one2one advice
The body mass index (BMI) is a measure that uses your height and weight to work out if your weight is healthy.
Following referral to the HPSS team for healthy lifestyles and weight management support, you should expect:
• Healthy balanced diet advice specific to your own needs
• Exercise advice specific to your own needs
• Support offered to you throughout pregnancy and after you give birth
• Regular weighing and motivational behaviour support tailored to your own needs

• Boost motivation to continue with positive changes
• Praise and reaffirm

Infant Feeding Support

For more information on infant feeding, please see the infant feeding section. All of our HPSS team are trained to offer advice and support for your infant feeding needs.

HPSS role:
• Support the community midwives with postnatal visits specific for infant feeding support
• Signpost to additional support as required

We wish you all the health and happiness for your pregnancy and beyond.

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