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Tongue Tie Assessment

If you suspect your baby of having a tongue tie (sometimes known as frenulotomy or ankyloglossia), or if a tongue tie has been diagnosed by a health professional, a referral may be made to our midwife tongue tie practitioners. The referral must be made by completing the referral form and forwarding by email to: On our receipt of this fully completed form, we will contact you by telephone within a week.

During the telephone call, we will assess the need for you to attend an appointment at the Tongue Tie clinic. Clinics are held three times a week and are located on the ground floor of Russells Hall Hospital in the Paediatric area of the Women and Children’s Outpatient Department. This is the first department on the left if you enter the hospital by the Maternity entrance.

For further information on tongue tie, please read the tongue tie patient information leaflets below.

We are now able to offer a small number of tongue tie appointments to babies who are having feeding problems related to tongue tie. The baby will need to meet the following criteria and we can only accept referrals from Health Professionals at this time. The baby will need to be at least 2 weeks and not more than 10+ 6 weeks of age (or calculate corrected gestational age) to be seen in the midwife led clinic. Babies will only be seen in clinic when one of the following criteria is met:

  • Breastfeeding has not improved with ongoing feeding support from your local infant feeding team
  • Bottle feeding has not improved with paced bottle feeding and change of bottles and teats
  • The baby has not regained birth weight by 3 weeks of age
  • There is slow weight gain (<20g per day)
  • The mother continues to have pain when breastfeeding

We will continue to review the situation regularly.

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