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Aged 16 and over

We do not run a generalised face-to-face work experience programme, and are currently unable to offer work experience in Nursing, Allied Health Professionals, and Labs.

We do have a small number of departments that are able to offer limited face-to-face work experience for students considering careers in those areas.  Please drop us an e-mail with the following details: 

  • Your specific area of interest (e.g. career/department)
  • The reason for your request (e.g. as part of organised college work experience)
  • Any other supporting information

We will then forward this request to the relevant department.  Please note there are no guarantees and placements are up to the individual departments to accept and decline, (and may differ in length from one day to a maximum of two weeks).

Looking for a University Placement?
Please send your enquiry to including as much information as possible.

For any other career enquires please contact or on 01384 456111 extension 2038.

Please also see our NHS career resources.

Student, volunteer or unemployed aged between 14-25?




Medical Work Experience Programme

The Ron Grimley Undergraduate Centre has an annual Medical Work Experience programme which takes place during two consecutive weeks in June and July. The programme allows those aspiring to be doctors the opportunity to gain an awareness of the role whilst fully immersing them in daily clinical life and obtaining a better understanding of the work involved.

Applicants must be a student in year 12 or above, and at least 17 years of age at the time the work experience takes place. They should either be attending college or higher education establishments within the Dudley area or reside in the Dudley borough.

For further information and how to apply, please click here.



Volunteering Opportunities

The student volunteer programme provides support directly to patients in the hospital.

The minimum age for volunteering is 16 years old however there may be certain departments where you will need to be 18 years of age.  You should be able to commit to regular shifts of three to four hours per week for at least six months (minimum total 100 hours).

Please note that volunteering is not the same as work experience and there are no opportunities for observation of clinical procedures or facilities to shadow qualified members of staff. To be a successful volunteer you have to want to volunteer for the right reasons.  Volunteers dedicate themselves solely to helping our patients.  It is not appropriate to use the volunteer programme in order to enhance personal development and experience.

If you are interested in the student volunteer programme, please contact the volunteers team on 01384 456111 extension 1887 or via email for your application pack.


Pre employment programmes

We are currently working closely with our local community to provide achievable pathways into NHS careers.

We have access to NHS specific training programmes which can help prepare you for applying for NHS jobs.

This training aims to provide you with understanding NHS expectations and values, whilst working on your personal skills such as resilience, communication and managing stress.

If you are currently unemployed and feel you need support getting work ready, please contact us.