Work experience

Our Work Experience Programme is changing…

Our new programme is divided up into four categories. Your enquiry and steps for application will depend on which category you fit into.

  • Schools (ages 14 – 16)
  • College (ages 16 – 18 +)
  • University (age 18+)
  • Other including non-educational, & career change (ages 16+ dependent on department)

Schools (ages 14– 16)

Our application process for school placements will open in September 2018 (for placements in February, June and July 2019). The applications will be arranged via your school career/work experience advisor. Placements will only be offered to schools within the Dudley Borough. Placement options include both Clinical and Administration.

We are unable to offer any placements for this year, unless this has already been agreed and arranged.

Please note: all requests to attend the Schools Programme must be submitted by participating schools. We do not accept requests from individuals, family or friends.

College (ages 16 – 18 +)

Our application process for college is still under development. We are currently gathering information from all local colleges to look at placement requirements in order for us to provide the best suited placement for your needs. We are unable to offer any placements at this present time.

University (age 18+)

Our work experience offer for university placements will be dependent on the area of study/interest.

Please feel free to contact the specific department directly to enquire if this may be a possibility. If they are willing, our team can provide guidance as to how this needs to be arranged.

Other including non-educational, & career change (ages 16+ dependent on department)

Our work experience offer for other placements is for anyone looking for a career change and/or can be categorised as a non-educational placement.  We are unable to offer any placements at this present time.


There are lots of ways for you to access information about NHS careers. If you are 16 or over, you can also apply to be a volunteer or you may be interested in our apprenticeship opportunities

We hope the following information and links will be helpful to you in the meantime.

There are hundreds of roles in health for you to explore. Find a role that interests you and discover the entry requirements and skills you need.

There’s information for everyone, whether you’re still at school and thinking about your options, or already working in health. You’ll also find real-life stories and films of those already working in these roles and you can use the ‘compare roles tool’ to see bite-sized role information.

This website is provided by Health Careers and, was set up to encourage people to think about the joining the NHS team. There is a helpful 30 question ‘map my career’ exercise that will give some NHS career ideas based on your personal preferences.

Is a ‘not-for-profit’ company to provide young people with a smarter way of getting careers advice, and more generally to provide an intelligent toolset for personal development. The application is completely free for individuals to use.  This website is not based solely on health careers, but looks at all career options.  There is an exercise to complete short surveys to find out what type of person you are, what motivates you, what you like and don’t like, as well as what you’ve done at school or college. There are thousands of jobs in their database, each carefully matched to different types of people, and different interests and education. This enables them to match you to the jobs that will suit you.  Information is provided for each job or career helping you to find out what it involves on a day-to-day basis, as well as facts like how much you can earn.