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Committed to Excellence 2019 – winners!

The professional photographer at the event took extra photographs of individuals and teams that can be downloaded for a fee. Click here to view.


Unsung Hero – Non-clinical winner!
Gillian Jones, Food Ward Operative, Interserve

Healthcare Hero Team Award winners!
GI Unit

Clinical Support Services Award winner!
Tracy Beese, Macmillan Lead Cancer Nurse

Excellence in Patient Care winner!
Michelle Jinks, Lead Nurse, Surgery at Corbett

Chief Nurse Award winner!
Learning Disability Liaison Team

Steve Ford Volunteer Award winner!
Avtar Bansal, Health Records and Enquiry Desk Volunteer

Improvement Practice Award winner!
Pre-op Assessment Team

Medicine & Integrated Care Award winner!
Vera Patrícia Lourenço Ganhão, Staff Nurse, C7

Healthcare Hero Individual Award winner!
Melvin Wilson, Support Worker, C3 Acute Confusion Team

Chief Operating Officer Award winners!
Matrons Team

Patient Choice Award winners!
Molly and Geoff – Pets as Therapy

Corporate Services Award winner!
Frankii Tibbetts, HR Project Coordinator

Outstanding Achievement Award – Individual winner!
Nick Parry, Consultant Anaesthetist

Team Excellence winners!
Cardiac Assessment Unit

Unsung Hero – Clinical winner!
Emma Paul, Specialist Midwife, Long-term Conditions

Medical Director Award winners!
Jo Bowen and the Specialist Palliative Care Team

Surgery, Women & Children Award winner!
Nicollet Clark, Lead Nurse, B5

Chairman Award winner!
Nicky Calthorpe, Consultant Anaesthetist, Patient Safety Lead

Chief Executive Award winners!
Atiq Rehman and the Medical Training Initiative Team

Chief Executive Special Commendation Award winner!
Emma Warriner, clinical nurse specialist, breast care

Outstanding Achievement Award – Team winners!
Acute Medical Unit